Beyond the Build: Operating Your Yama Van with Confidence

August 21, 2023


Alexandra Welsh

From Pine Magazine
This article was originally published in Pine Magazine. Pine is a Yama publication featuring people, places and products that will ignite your inner adventurer.

At Yama Vans, we're not just in the business of building epic off-grid vans; we're in the business of building long-standing relationships with our clients. Your journey doesn't end once we hand over the keys to your new Yama Van; in fact, it's just the beginning! 

We know that operating an adventure van can be intimidating and unfamiliar, which is why we provide unparalleled resources and support to ensure not just your safety, but also a seamless and enjoyable experience on the road. With the Captain’s Code as our guiding philosophy, our focus isn't solely on selling you a vehicle, but on equipping you with the knowledge and assistance you need for every journey ahead.

The Captain’s Code: A Philosophy of Ownership

We encourage all our clients to follow the philosophy we’ve named The Captain's Code

The Captain’s Code emphasizes taking pride in one's adventure van, and personal responsibility for its maintenance, upkeep, and operation. Those who adhere to the philosophy recognize that owning an off-grid vehicle requires a certain level of knowledge and skill, and they take the time to learn about their vehicle’s systems and how they work (much like the captain of a boat!). They approach their adventures with a sense of respect and reverence for the land, and strive to be responsible stewards of their vehicle and the environment around them.

Mastering Your Yama Van: Resources for Successful Operating, Maintenance and Support

1. Designed for Serviceability

Serviceability is top of mind for our Design Team. With every new design we create, we ensure that all the mechanical systems can be accessed with ease, streamlining any maintenance or checks that might be needed along your journey. Whether you’re getting your hands dirty, dropping the van off at Yama HQ, or working with one of our remote service partners, we ensure that your systems are quick and simple to access.

2. Operational Support Videos

Ahead of delivery, we will provide you with a curated video series designed to arm you with the knowledge you need to operate your new Yama Van. We include step-by-step instructions for the common operating procedures that you will need to follow.

By diving into these videos before Delivery Day, you'll step into your new Yama Van with confidence, making your Delivery Walk-Through a smooth and exciting experience (rather than an overwhelming one).

3. User Guide & Manual

With delivery of your new Yama Van, we will provide you with a comprehensive User Guide & Manual for operating your new home on wheels. This document is a thorough guide to your van, which offers labeled diagrams of the mechanical systems, a recommended maintenance schedule, and a range of operational insights.

4. Detailed Mechanical Schematics

With delivery of your new Yama Van, we will also provide detailed schematics of your build’s plumbing and electrical systems. For those keen on having an in-depth understanding, our schematics give a clear view of your van's mechanical systems, aiding in service (whether it’s at Yama HQ or with one of our remote service partner’s) and any potential future modifications.

5. Proven Support System

We've meticulously designed a tiered support system that stands ready to assist with any questions or challenges, ensuring every journey you embark on is backed by our expertise.

  1. Self-serve: Use our provided resources for independent learning & troubleshooting (Operational Support Videos, User Guide & Manual)
  2. Phone Support: Reach out to us for remote diagnostics and advice. Some of our systems allow us to access them remotely, enabling us to provide assistance while you’re on the road.
  3. Schedule a Service: If phone support is not possible, or we need to do a deeper dive, you can schedule your service at Yama HQ or one of our remote service partners for hands-on assistance.

Why are These Resources So Important?

The systems in your Yama Van are more similar to marine and automotive systems, differing vastly from what you have at home. For many, this can be a new terrain of learning. Grasping how to operate your van is not only crucial for safety but also paves the way for unforgettable adventures. On top of that, it's a gesture of love towards protecting your prized investment.

With Yama Vans, the road ahead is clear and supported. Step into confidence and let's kickstart your next adventure together! Contact us today to start your build.

Alexandra Welsh

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Yama Vans