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We’re inspired by Japanese attention to detail, design efficiency, and desire for excellence. Yama’s Co-Founder is a proud part of the Japanese Nishiyama family. Nishiyama translates to ‘West Mountain’ and it is the inspiration behind the naming of our company. 

From our founders

Destination: everywhere.

We build mobile basecamps for people who want to hit the open road and optimize their adventure from the moment it starts. We believe your means of travel should match your lifestyle and we’re here to help you explore further and for longer. We build using only the best materials, we practice sustainability at every turn, and we work with proven partners—all to make our customers’ wildest dreams real. If you, like us, know that the journey is the destination, Yama is where you should start yours.

Alex & Pat - Yama Vans Co-Founders

Our Team Values

Every day is different at Yama Vans, which is just the way we like it. Many of our team members landed at Yama after doing some big-picture re-evaluating of their own. We attract people who just so happen to love living life outside the box, and outside in general—skiing, climbing, hiking, biking, fishing, and just getting lost. Basically, our team is passionate about making your dream van a reality at least in part because your goals likely overlap with some of their own.

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    Be proud, stay humble

    From the mundane to the monumental, the Yama team approaches every aspect of their job with the utmost dedication and attention to detail. Everyone stands behind the work they put in and what we’re able to put out when we pull together.

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    See the beauty in simplicity

    More isn’t more, especially when it comes to material things. Doing more with less minimizes waste and keeps our focus on what matters, leaving room for intentional decision-making.

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    Pursue perfection

    Taken from the Japanese concepts of Shokunin and Kaizen, the Yama team pursues perfection (while realizing the impossibility of it) through continuous improvement (something that’s always possible).

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    Rise to meet challenges

    Our team loves overcoming obstacles as much as they love building vans that do the same. We recognize hard things are worth doing and know that positivity yields possibility. 

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    Enjoy the ride

    Don’t take life too seriously, enjoy it. Find joy in every journey and a way to turn left turns into the right adventure.

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Sustainability at Yama

We recognize that our business has some inherent and undesirable environmental impacts. Yama exists to help people enjoy and indulge in the natural beauty of this planet, so we decided to plant a minimum of 200 trees for every Signature Custom Build that we completed to offset emissions for the first 20,000km traveled.

Our initial goal of 2000 trees per year quickly expanded, and we are continuing to grow this initiative so stay tuned for what’s to come!

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