Receive $5000 off your van conversion in 2023

Roll into the new year with your new wheels. Secure your 2023 build spot before the end of February and receive $5000 in credit toward your build. Exclusive promotion for Yama Partner Referrals. Conditions apply*

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Custom sprinter van conversions for off-grid, off-road exploration.

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"I did a ton of research to find the perfect van builder which landed me with Yama... These folks are specialized with dedicated people who focus on their respective disciplines - electrical, carpentry, off-road functionality, design etc."

Charles A, California, USA

"Hands down the best van conversion company in Canada if not North America. Not only is the final product incredible, but the entire process from beginning to end is seamless. "

Scott Z, Manitoba, CAN

"From our first phone call to the delivery of our new build the experience has been first class. Not only is their product and workmanship excellent I have really appreciated their timely communication throughout the whole process."

Suzy B, Alberta, CAN

“The care and details shown did not stop when the build was complete and delivered. The after purchase, post build care and attention has been top notch. The level of customer service is nothing less than what you would expect from true customer first focused company.”

Tim, Texas, USA

“Their knowledge and craftsmanship are top-notch, and just as important, they share the passion for your van build, which is beyond awesome.”

Greg S, Alberta, CAN

“If you want the best, talk to Yama...Originally intended as a weekend adventure vehicle built around our mountain bikes, it’s quickly become our second home.”

Peter F, Ontario, CAN

New year, new adventures


This exclusive promotion is for people who have a new or slightly-used Sprinter van ready for conversion (in hand or on order with Mercedes). When you secure your build spot for 2023 before the end of February, you'll receive a $5000 credit toward your build. If you have been planning your van conversion, here's your sign to go for it! Conditions apply*.

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Why build with Yama Vans

Perfect balance of style, comfort and capability

Designed for your adventures of choice

Meticulously crafted

Built in Canada, ready for all seasons

Delivering across CAN and The US

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Rules & Conditions

Promotion is exclusively available for people who have a van ready to convert or one on order with Mercedes that is scheduled to arrive in 2023
Applicable for 2021+ Mercedes Sprinter vans in new or lightly-used condition
Van conversion must be estimated at $120k+ CAD
Production date must start in 2023
Yama Vans standard Conversion Deposit is required by February 28, 2023 to receive the $5000 credit towards your build
All prices shown, including $5000 promotional credit are in Canadian Dollars