Sunrise Shoot

January 16, 2019


Alexandra Welsh

From Pine Magazine
This article was originally published in Pine Magazine. Pine is a Yama publication featuring people, places and products that will ignite your inner adventurer.

Location: Bragg Creek

50.9517° N, 114.5692° W

Time: 5:00 am

2C Studios & Yama Nomad

The first of many photo shoots for us started with an early 5:00 am wake up. Located just West of Calgary, Bragg Creek is only a 45 minute drive, but feels much longer on the dark backcountry roads. Aidan and Claude, Founder’s of 2C Studios, asked us to meet them at the Shell in town so they could lead us to an epic shooting location.

From the time we met these two, we knew there would be a great opportunity to collaborate. Their laid back and friendly approach to creative work made the entire shoot effortless. We reached the location around 7:00 am and waited for the sun to start peeking through the trees. The road was perfectly straight and completely our own - as if we had shut it down for this big-time production. Claude mentioned that they’re often chasing sunrises and now we understand why.

campervan rental alberta morning

The first glimpses of sunlight allowed them to get a few badass shots of our campervan with only the headlights shining on the road.

In the dimmest of light, we could see only the peak of mountain in the distance and the van ahead on the open road. It was a rewarding experience to see this business and our brand finally on the backdrop for which we’ve created it.

The beautiful, pink Alberta sky we had hoped for didn’t make an appearance, but as it turned out, the yellow and orange tones created stunning backdrop for the photos.

sunrise campervan

The laws and regulations for drone use will be changing dramatically in the summer. Claude and Aidan chose this spot because it follows the current regulations for drone usage, but we’re still so excited to have had this opportunity now. Before wrapping up, we grabbed a gorgeous clip cruising towards the mountains that we will feature elsewhere, but here’s a sneak peek below.

sprinter van

Having the first van shoot under our belt is exciting to say the least. These photos have allowed us to take a step back and appreciate how far we’ve come to this point. We have a long-road ahead (pun intended) and the sun rising over us created the perfect metaphor for what we’re about to begin.

sayonara friends

Alexandra Welsh

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Yama Vans